1. I propose we Captain Swaners throw a party after Zelena’s death, Outlaw queeners and Rumbellers will undoubtly be our guests of honor and we will celebrate over the chopped head of this bitch with lots of rum (which we will be drinking in chipped cups in a picnic in the forest)


    and then spit on the bitch’s graveyard 

  2. onceuponatime-confessions:

    I love how Belle calls Rumplestiltskin “Rumple.” It makes my heart melt.”

  3. pentameter-and-pen:

    Belle + Self Respect

  4. rumbelleplease:

    look at this. just look at it. 

    First, Rumple’s face. Such softness, he looks so gentle. 

    But now look at Belle. Look at the way she is watching her man. That smile, the head turn at the end, she is just so proud its so cute. She’s just admiring from afar, gazing…

    This picture says it all about their relationship, the gentle, sweet, innocent side.


  6. make me choose | Rumple or and Belle [asked by rumpleshtiltskin]

    "You’re not who I thought you were. And I’m glad."

    (Source: elisabethcollins)


  7. People complaining about Belle “cockblocking” Captain Swan when Hook quite rudely shot her during a rumbelle moment and the Charmings have ruined their moments various times.


  9. odamnoghue:

    I feel that when Belle finds out about Zelena and Rumple kissing she’ll just…


  10. pentameter-and-pen:

    Belle Making Villains Apologise